Scattered showers, and windy conditions to bring in 2020 – Jason


Good Monday evening!  Kaitlin Knapp is very kindly filling in on the TV side of weather.

We are seeing a light bit of snow to rain/snow mix traveling through the Yakima Valley.  This will be quick shower if it comes to your area.  We do expect to see more rain, to maybe brief freezing rain in the Yakima Valley tomorrow morning, changing to scattered showers through the night.  The Mid-Columbia will see scattered showers throughout New Year’s Eve Day into the evening.

Winds will be picking up throughout the Northwest, with 20mph winds possible along the Blue Mountains and the Mid-Columbia tomorrow evening.

Much warmer temperatures will greet us in the New Year, with 40’s and 50’s through the weekend.  More showers are likely on Thursday.

Have a great evening!