School district investigates racist incident at Connell High School

Connell High School
Image credit: North Franklin School District

CONNELL, Wash. — Allegations of racist remarks at Connell High School are under investigation by the North Franklin School District, according to a news release issued on Monday evening.

According to the school district’s release, the incident took place during a girl’s basketball game on Saturday, May 22. Toward the conclusion of a matchup against Zillah High School, the North Franklin Athletic Director was made privy to inappropriate remarks and gestures of a racist nature made by Connell students watching from the bleachers.

That evening, the North Franklin Athletic Director passed the information along to the district’s superintendent and school board. This prompted the superintendent to assign the school district’s high school administrative team to launch an investigation into the incident.

That includes interviews with people involved, a review of game footage, social media searches and gathering of statements.

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“Any show of racism is inexcusable and will not be tolerated in our district,” NFSD Superintendent Jim Jacobs stated. “We take these allegations seriously and, while we are unable to share disciplinary details due to privacy laws, we will assure appropriate consequences are administered.”

The school district began its investigation on Monday, May 24 by interviewing students linked to the incident. Upon the completion of this investigation, the North Franklin School District will decide on disciplinary action based on pre-established policies and procedures.

School district officials did not specify which racial/ethnic groups were targetted by the remarks and gestures.


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