Search continues for Kennewick fire chief

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Kennewick officials are still looking for a new fire chief for the department.

Back in September, former fire chief Vince Beasley was fired from his position. The city has been looking for someone since. They said they have a few candidates, but wouldn’t specify how many.

There will be additional interviews set up and there’s also a lot of participation with our fire department and other community leaders that we really vet the top candidates to make sure they’re the right fit for the department and able to take our fire department to the next level, said city spokesperson Evelyn Lusignan.

The fire department has been led by Kennewick Chief of Police Ken Hohenberg since the vacant position. Lusignan said it could be a few more months until the position is filled.

Certainly the goal in the timeline is to have someone early in the first of the year — January, February, but the most important thing is we’re getting the right person.​​​​​​​