Search For Toddler in Kittitas This Weekend Ends Well

Search For Toddler in Kittitas This Weekend Ends Well

“We started searching and… We were just going to find him,” said Kade Nierman

On Sunday three-year-old Jayden Lovely took a stroll with his favorite companion Tori, his dog.

Jayden was looking for dumptrucks he tells me

“I was right over there,” said Jayden

… Actually he was in the opposite direction.. On a hill behind where Jayden was pointing

His mother calls him, “my little explorer.”

Jayden has wandered off on the family’s farm before, but normally the family finds him within a few minutes– this time was different

“We got a call that one of my dad’s officers was coming up to help look for a little boy and we thought that we should go and help,” said Kade Nierman.

Kade’s dad is Brian Nierman the Chief of Police in Kittitas– they joined in with the sheriff’s department and neighbors that were looking for the boy.

Kade and his dad got in an ATV driven by a neighbor and searched an area they never expected to find Jayden–but they saw a black speck moving across the top of the tallest hill.

“We were up here and I jumped out about right here and right under that sage brush right there. He was just sitting underneath it,” said Kade Nierman

Jayden’s house is nestled in a valley surrounded by hills, if he would have taken the possible route that’s a straight shot to the highest hill in the area where he was found, it would have been over a mile journey authorities say. When Kade found him up there it was a relief because let’s just say there are a lot of dangers around here that are worse than just two feet high sagebrush.”

“Think the biggest one for him that day was probably the canal,” said Jayden’s mom Cheyanne Lovely

A canal that stretches all along the family’s farm– always pumping water.

Officer Nierman said the day of the search, rescuers found tons of bee hives, which Jayden could be allergic to, searched multiple canals in the area, wildlife in Kittitas can include coyotes and snakes– with all that already against Jayden he went on this long hike– but suffers from astma; another wrinkle in this story that makes this return improbable but a father and son had their eyes peeled at the right time.

“Sheriff’s office had a lot of gears in motion at that point when we did step in to help– we asked where they needed us and we just got plugged in… To the right team at the right time and then got lucky,” said Brian Nierman.

“All I could do was thank them and I can’t even thank them enough. To…. bring me back my son is like the best thing”