Seattle Opera group visits elementary school students

Seattle Opera group visits elementary school students

Some of the most talented Seattle singers engaged with the ears of elementary school students in Richland Thursday.

The Seattle Opera singing group stopped by Lewis and Clark Elementary school to bring students a one of a kind experience with their “Cinderella in Spain,” show.

The group showcased the classic Cinderella story line in both Spanish and English and according to the opera singer who played Cinderella, it’s her favorite part about the performance.

“We really love this set up for this kind of production because we can bring it to so many more schools where it can engage so much of our population that is Spanish speaking,” Opera singer, Jessica Milanese said.

Milanese has been singing opera for over 20 years, and enjoys sharing her love for music with students who have never heard opera before.

Thursday the Seattle Opera group also stopped by Adams Elementary School in Yakima.

So far the group has made it to over 70 different schools this year and they will finish up their tour in Seattle next week.