Seattle police officer shot during robbery used to work in Yakima

Seattle police officer shot during robbery used to work in Yakima

“Thank you for sparing his life and I know that you have further plans for him,” said Skateland Fun Center’s owner Connie Eisenzimmer.

Connie Eisenzimmer has known Hudson Kang for over 20-years, after her sons and Kang became inseparable in middle school.

Ever since she’s known Hudson as a person with a good heart always willing to help out.

“Very giving, very loving, very likeable, very honest he has good integrity,” said Connie Eisenzimmer.

Eisenzimmer said Hudson began thinking of becoming a police officer during his time at Skateland in Union Gap where he was a floor guard.

Hudson in high school, responsible for keeping the peace and looking out for injuries.

Reason why Eisenzimmer said he’s always had every attribute to be an officer.

“Because of everything that he did in his formative years as a teenager here with our boys he’s always just this shinning spirit I consider someone like that a hero,” said Eisenzimmer.

Hudson making a good recovery after being shot in the chin and rib cage on Thursday while responding to a robbery.

“We praise you again, that bullet was possibly within inches of ending his life,” added friends and family during a prayer.

Family and friends couldn’t be any more grateful.

“Just a sense of relief that he was okay,” said Connie Eisenzimmer.

Eisenzimmer looking forward to a fast recovery and seeing Hudson continue to be a role model for youth in the community.