Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson’s irritation grow as he names four ideal trade destinations

The star quarterback hasn't officially requested a trade, but he's calling on the Seahawks organization to step up.

SEATTLE, Wash. — According to reports by The Athletic NFL Staff and ESPN’s Adam Schefter, underlying tensions are coming to a head between Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, head coach Pete Carroll and members of the organization’s front office staff. Wilson has not formally requested a trade at this time and wants to remain with the team, but his camp named four teams they’d be interested in as trade destinations.

Those four teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders, New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears. Each of these teams remained highly competitive during the 2020-21 NFL season and would welcome an upgrade at the quarterback position.

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Wilson’s entire nine-year NFL career has been spent as the face of the Seattle Seahawks franchise. His leadership and consistency have brought great success to the franchise in addition to a Super Bowl trophy in 2014. Reports from The Athletic suggest that Wilson was upset with Carroll’s return to a conservative offensive playstyle during the second half of the NFL season.

This excerpt from The Athletic’s report displays a moment of friction between the two Seahawks staples:

Carroll wanted to be more careful with the offense; Wilson wanted to stay the course, trusting in himself.

Before the Thursday night game against Arizona, Wilson met with his coaches. For some time, Wilson has sought — even pushed — for influence within the organization regarding scheme and personnel. In the meeting, he outlined his own ideas for how to fix the offense. His suggestions were dismissed, multiple sources told The Athletic  — another reminder to Wilson that the Seahawks did not see him the same way he saw himself, as a player who had earned greater control over his situation, his future, his legacy.

He stormed out of the room.

Throughout this early portion of the offseason, Wilson and his camp have made it abundantly clear that they want more respect from the Seahawks’ decision-makers. At this point, it’s plain to see that Wilson is the most valuable player on the Seattle Seahawks.

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Franchise quarterbacks don’t come by very often but when they do, it’s a team’s responsibility to put them in a position to be great. Wilson has what it takes to be an MVP-caliber player — We saw it during the first stretch of the season. By allowing stories like this to come out one after another, Wilson is applying pressure and letting Carroll and general manager John Schneider that he’ll move in a different direction if action isn’t taken.

As the season progressed and the Seahawks’ offense diminished, the defense came into its own. They applied some pressure on the quarterback and put in a lot of effort despite a top-heavy mix of defensive pieces. Of course, linebacker Bobby Wagner continued his reign of dominance at the linebacker spot while star safety Jamal Adams gained momentum after a mid-season injury.

There’s an infrastructure in place that the Seahawks must take advantage of by investing in their team. Wilson is capable of leading a team through a Super Bowl; he’s already proven that. Even aside from that, Wilson’s confidence is at an all-time high. He dubbed himself ‘Mr. Unlimited’ early in the 2020-21 NFL season while performing at rates the sport has never seen.

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And yet, his team hasn’t invested quite enough into an offensive line that can properly protect him. His own teammate and a groomsman at his wedding, Robert Turbin put it best when speaking with reporters from The Athletic.

“The reason that we’re here is because he’s on pace to be the most sacked quarterback in the history of the NFL,” Turbin said.

The Cowboys, Saints, Raiders and Bears aren’t exactly the crème de la crème of teams at this point, but they’ve each shown a willingness to buy in on their teams when the time is right. Given the opportunity to trade for him, any of these teams would theoretically be inclined to go all-in on a championship run in year one.

Will the Seahawks’ decision-makers step up to the challenge posed by their star player? Only time will tell.


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