Selah cat-themed coffee roastery gives back, feeds 1,500 shelter cats

Cool Cats Coffee Selah
Courtesy: Jordan Swofford

SELAH, Wash. — Selah-based coffee roastery Cool Cats Coffee Co. opened its doors in September; since then, the business has donated enough to feed 1,500 cats living in animal shelters across the country.

“Good coffee should feel a greater purpose,” said Jordan Swofford, co-owner of Cool Cats Coffee Co. “What we’re doing is feeling a greater purpose by helping the shelters take care of one of their largest costs — feeding animals — and letting them focus on high-priority needs.”

Swofford said he and co-owner Haley Crusch started working on the process of building the company in March, just as COVID-19 restrictions started to shut down local businesses. Despite that, he said they persevered so they could share their love of cats and coffee with the world.

“A big focus of why we started this company was to shed the negative stigma around cats, that they aren’t cool,” Swofford said in a news release.

The co-owners own feline friends — “Chief Meow Officer” Jameson and “Chief Feline Officer” Gus — have their own Instagram accounts dedicated to proving cats are cool, sunglasses and all.

According to the website, Jameson specializes in, “demanding petting, begging to go outside and excessive purring,” while Gus specializes in, “naps, food and loud meowing.”

“While we continue to promote how awesome cats are, we also strive to support the hard-working organizations and volunteers who fight for our furry friends day in and day out,” Swofford said.

When a customer buys coffee or merchandise from the company, a percentage of the profits are donated to Greater Good Charities, which then distributes the funds to animal shelters across the country that are in need of financial assistance.

“Every purchase is feeding 20 homeless cats,” Swofford said.

The small-batch coffee roastery currently offers four different roasts: “The Cat’s Meow” dark roast, “Death Mittens” medium roast, “Colombian Supremo” light roast and their holiday special, “Santa Claws.”

Cool Cats Coffee Co. also offers a series of pun-filled, feline-themed merchandise, as well as sunglasses and bandanas for cats to wear.

More information about the coffee roastery can be found here.