Send us your feline photos for National Cat Day!

(CNN) Cats. When they’re not scratching up furniture (or your skin), they’re napping, purring, snuggling balls of joy.

They’ll probably celebrate National Cat Day the same way.

But unlike your beloved feline, you’ve only got one life instead of nine. So live life to the fullest or take a cue from a cat and laze about to honor man’s other best friend.

Did cats invent social media? Of course not; they don’t have opposable thumbs . But their impact on the medium can’t be overstated – from Keyboard Cat, “I Can Haz Cheezburger” to DJ Kitty, the legendary cats starred in videos made to be shared and GIF’d to oblivion.

So honor the internet cats of yore with a kitty video binge. Science says it’s good for you!

And of course, pour one out for the inimitable Grumpy Cat, a feline Instagram pioneer who passed away earlier this year. Did you know her (yes, her) real name was Tardar Sauce? Rest in disgruntled peace, legend.

In honor of the fluffy cats we love so much, send us a picture of your cat! Either through our Facebook page or email