Shipping container turned ‘mobile kitchen’ arrives in Tri-Cities

RICHLAND, Wash. – It’s not something you see everyday: a giant yellow shipping container on wheels, with a full service kitchen inside.

It’s 13 Bones Urban BBQ’s mobile kitchen, crafted by experts in Missouri and run by Castle Event Catering. Co-Founders Kathy and Andy Craig said the idea started on a napkin drawing and turned into a reality.

“It’s pretty limitless currently,” Kathy said.

With the COVID-19 closures, Andy and Kathy’s business was greatly affected; no gatherings meant no event catering. Their hope for the mobile kitchen is more than to serve delicious BBQ.

“It’s to get some of our team back to work,” she said.

Executive Chef Andy Craig said he hopes to enhance a one-on-one experience with customers by opening up windows on the container.

“We have some really good customers and we just wanna have a good time with them,” he said.

So, what is ‘urban barbecue?’ Craig explained they do it all; his team mixes barbecue classics with new age flavors.

“We play with our food, so we’re going to come up with some fun creations, things you get to see along the way,” he added.

If you’re curious where the name ’13 Bones’ comes from, a cow has 13 ribs and Andy’s birthday is March 13th. He and Kathy said they are more than excited to serve up delicious barbecue throughout Tri-Cities. For more information on where they will serve or how to get them to your event, visit their website.


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