Shoppers say Party City’s ‘The Wall’ costume is offensive

Shoppers say Party City’s ‘The Wall’ costume is offensive

Halloween is upon us and so are some controversial costumes.

People are talking about the tunic being sold by Party City Halloween costume store. It looks like a brick wall with a headline that reads, “The Wall.”

Many say this is a reference to President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

The wall has sparked a lot of conversation and divide when it comes to illegal immigration.

However, when it comes to the costume one shopper said she does not support it.

“Well you know my family is from Mexico and everything so to me it’s kind of disrespectful,” Party City shopper Denise Vargas said.

Some say it’s actually referencing Pink Floyd’s album called “The Wall,” but others on some social media are upset about the allusion to a boarder wall.

The costume is only available online.

A Party City manager in Richland did not want to comment today.