Benton County sheriff recall election set for August 3

Recall Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher Petitions With Signatures

PROSSER, Wash. — After eight days of verification and canvassing, Benton County Auditor Brenda Chilton officially certified the signatures on the recall petition for the Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher today.

According to a release issued by Benton County officials, 14,215 signatures were validated during this process. The group only needed a minimum of 13,937 signatures for verification. As a result, the Auditor officially deemed the recall petition as sufficient.

With that being the case, a special election for the recall of Sheriff Hatcher is scheduled for the date of the Primary Election on Tuesday, August 3, 2021.

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The petition was deemed valid because the signatures of legal voters from the county exceeded 25 percent of the total number of votes tallied in the previous election for the Benton County Sheriff’s position.

The Benton County Auditor’s office also noted that Sheriff Hatcher is allowed to submit a response to the auditor. That response cannot exceed 250 words in length and has to be submitted within seven days from today.

KAPP-KVEW’s Madeleine Hagen recently spoke with Chilton about the recall process.

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“Once we identify voter registration record for that individual, we’re able to bring up their signature that we have on record for them; we compare that signature against the signature that’s on the petition,” Chilton explained. “There are several hurdles that recall organizers have to overcome in order to get to the point where an actual recall election is held. Voters speak when they elect a person, and you should not easily be able to overturn that election.”

“I’m estimating that the cost of this election will be between 200 and 250-thousand dollars,” Chilton based her estimation off of the 2019 election, not 2020 since that was a presidential election.

To learn more about the ‘Recall Jerry Hatcher’ movement, click here.


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