Silverwood opens Saturday, celebrates 30 years

Silverwood opens Saturday, celebrates 30 years
Photo: Silverwood Theme Park

ATHOL, Idaho – Summer memories get made at theme parks, whether it’s finally tackling a fear of heights, or like for Silverwood’s Stephanie Sampson, returning to the big coaster that made you queezy as a kid.

“The first time I rode Timber Terror, I rode it with my dad and he said my face turned bright green,” said Sampson. “I turned to him right after it was done and I said, ‘ok let’s do it again!'”

These memories have the potential to last a lifetime and this season, Silverwood wants to make them extra sweet with deals to celebrate their 30 great years.

“This weekend we have $19.88 tickets, which is an awesome deal and its to celebrate our opening in 1988,” said Silverwood’s Jordan Carter.

“Moms get in free for Mother’s Day weekend so when the family buys a ticket, mom gets in free,” added Stephanie.

Silverwood experts Stephanie and Jordan compiled a list of tips and tricks to having a great time, including when the best time to visit is if you want to beat the crowds.

“I always recommend coming at the end of June; weather is nice, lines are usually shorter,” said Stephanie.

If you want to avoid long lines, Jordan says arrive early.

“I would definitely recommend getting here right when we open or getting here a little before because the line starts to form at the gate,” he said.

And of course, don’t forget to be in the moment.