Siren test planned Thursday from Columbia & Yakima Rivers across the Tri-Cities

Columbia River

RICHLAND, Wash. — Don’t panic if you hear a quick influx of sirens between 10:00 a.m. and Noon on Thursday, October 21—emergency management agencies across Benton and Franklin Counties are conducting an annual siren test during that timeframe. These sirens will be heard profoundly along the Columbia River and Yakima River in Richland and parts of Pasco.

According to an alert from the Benton County & Franklin County Emergency Management Offices, these siren tests are being conducted in accordance with Energy Northwest and the Department of Energy.

Included in the areas expected to be impacted by these siren tests are:

  • Areas along the Columbia River in both Benton and Franklin Counties (within 10 miles of the Columbia Generating Station)
  • Areas along the Yakima River in both Benton and Franklin Counties (within 10 miles of the Columbia Generating Station)
  • Between the Vernita Bridge and Leslie Groves Park in North Richland
  • Horn Rapids Off-Road Vehicle Park
  • Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility
  • Columbia Generating Station and the surrounding area

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Each siren system will be tested multiple times in that 2-hour span accompanied by vocal announcements confirming that the siren activation is part of a test.

Please be advised that no public response will be required or expected during the test. Representatives of Energy Northwest will be stationed near some of the sirens to confirm that they are working properly. These tests are implemented to confirm that emergency equipment is working properly in the unlikely event of an emergency situation.

There are separate test alerts that will be sent out as part of this test. The Emergency Alert System will issue a test at 10:21 a.m. while the CodeRed Systems in Benton and Franklin Counties issue a test alert for people living within 10 miles of the Columbia Generating Station.


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