Skip the line and avoid the scam this Cyber Monday

Skip the line and avoid the scam this Cyber Monday

Millions are expected to take to the internet this week for another one of the biggest shopping days of this year.

Cyber Monday takes place the first Monday after Thanksgiving every year. Retailers offer coupons, free shipping and more. However, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is now offering some tips to help online shoppers like you avoid scams.

The BBB encourages shoppers to research the websites before you buy from the online website.

Officials said it’s critical that shoppers make sure the website has the https, included in the URL. If it’s missing the letter s then it means the website does not have a security certification to successfully protect your credit card of other personal information.

BBB employee Kirstin Davis said It’s also important to make sure you are protected on your desktop or laptop, “Sometimes it’s a link to a virus or malware, sometimes it’s a fishing link so hover over those pop up links on Cyber Monday because you are going to start to get a lot of pop up adds.” She said shoppers should also head to the BBB website and plug in the URL if they are still wary about the online retailer.

Many of the retailers also maximize their use of social media. Nearly three-quarters said they’d promote sales on their Facebook pages while more than 40 percent promoted on Twitter.

If you are worried about shopping through social media applications BBB officials recommend you to visit their BBB website for more information as well before you click buy.