Small animal rescue sees decline in donations, says pandemic is to blame

Small Animal Rescue Sees Decline In Donations

PASCO, Wash. – Although they are small, little critters like bunnies, lizards and turtles are equally as loved and care for by Little Lives Small Animal Rescue.

Executive Director Denise Sams said they started four years ago.

“We thought maybe, you know, we’d take in maybe a guinea pig or a chinchilla here and there or a reptile here and there, but no, we escalated pretty quickly as soon as we opened up,” Sams said.

The rescue does not have a brick and mortar location, rather, they rely on volunteers and board members to rescue, foster and re-home small pets. The organization also helps pet owners when times get tough financially, like during 2020, through the Khaleesi Project.

“We did get a bunch of people reach out to us saying ‘hey because of COVID, I got laid off’ or ‘I’m having issues with bedding or with supplements or with food or with veterinary care,’ and so as part of our program we have been able to help quite a few people,” Denise said.

But, as they’ve helped dozens of pet owners through hardships of COVID-19, the non-profit could use some assistance themselves.

“Our donations have definitely decreased; so we have been trying to advertise as much as we can to say ‘hey we’re still here, rescue doesn’t stop even during a pandemic, we still need funds,'” she explained.

Sams said with donations, they can help animals who have been neglected or injured, assist owners and stock their pet food pantry. They also work to prevent owner surrenders since small pets can get costly.

“Just so grateful that they get to keep their animal because they do love them so much and they don’t wanna give them up, so we’re happy to help in anyway when it comes to that,” she said.

Little Lives is raising money by selling sweatshirts and you can visit their website here.


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