Smoke alarm helps Yakima family escape late-night fire

Image courtesy of Yakima County Fire District #5, Facebook

YAKIMA, Wash. — Three children and two adults escaped their home after it caught on fire early on Sunday morning as heavy smoke emerged from under the structure.

According to a press release issued by the Yakima County Fire District No. 5 on Sunday, fire crews responded to a residential structure fire on the 1400-block of Buena Rd after reports of smoke rising from under the double-wide mobile home. They also reported a fire contained to a small section of the mobile home.

Responding fire crews removed skirting from the exterior of the home to help extinguish the fire, which they were able to accomplish within a short time of arriving on the scene.

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While the cause of the fire remains unknown to Yakima County Fire District No. 5 investigators, it was stopped before it could cause extensive damage. The estimated damages stand at $5,000, per local fire officials.

The family who occupies the home was alerted to the issue by a blaring smoke detector which awoke them from their sleep in the middle of the night. They quickly evacuated the building and called local authorities to ensure that fire responders would quickly help them save their home.

Local authorities believe that this is a great example of the importance of checking your smoke alarms. It’s a necessary and reliable way to help keep your loved ones and belongings safe in the event of a spontaneous fire like this one.


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