Smoke and wind not a deterrent for some on Labor Day

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Monday wasn’t the Labor Day most people hope for. With a day off to enjoy, the weather conditions were less than favorable.

“Horrible I mean people with lung conditions need to stay inside,” Juanita Brown who attempted to enjoy the river walk said.

Typically, Labor Day is perfect to enjoy the river, water sports and the many parks throughout Tri-Cities, but not this time.

“Usually this trail that we’ve walked is full of families especially on a day like today, it’s a holiday weekend I mean full of families, but we encountered few people,” Juanita added.

With windy and smokey conditions, people who started their day on the water, had to end their outing sooner than later.

“It busted it broke; strong river strong winds!” Michael Cordova, from Tuscon said after attempting to fish.

However, if you’re celebrating new life and beginnings like Sebastian and Jessica Wenerg, the wind isn’t a problem. The couple had a small baby shower near the Columbia Marina.

“It’s a pandemic and we’re gonna make it work,” Sebastian said.

“It’s still a lot of fun, we’re making it work she still needs to experience the regular even with everything going on even if it’s small,” Jannett Rodriguez, the party coordinator added.

Just down the way from the baby shower, were two friends, Bruce and Glenn taking full advantage of the wind, by kite boarding.

“It’s intense,” Bruce said.

“For this stretch of the river it’s blowing in the right direction which it usually doesn’t,” Glenn explained.

“I’m probably over my head I haven’t been kite boarding as long as my friend has but we’ll give it a try,” Bruce added while he evaluated the conditions.

Although their set up was harder than usual, the friends managed to prepare their kites for a rocky ride.

“There’s nothing else I’d rather do,” Glenn said.

“Sometimes I’m scared you know like today, I’ll probably be about half scared for most of the time I’m out,” Bruce added.

To no avail, both men enjoyed themselves, to prove that even on bad days, there’s something to be happy about.