Snowmobile driver rescued after dangerous accident in Umatilla County

This image, provided by the Umatilla County Sheriff's Office, shows the scene were a snowmobiler was rescued after being pinned by his vehicle in a remote location in Umatilla County on Sunday, January 10, 2021.

UMATILLA COUNTY, Oreg. — Umatilla County first responders went on a treacherous mission to save a snowmobiler who was pinned by his vehicle.

According to Lt. Ward of the Umatilla County Sherriff’s Office, dispatch received a call around 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 10. A 56-year-old lost control of his snowmobile roughly a mile off from Ruckel Junction.

Deputy Hayes responded to the remote location, where he found the man whose snowmobile landed on top of him. The patient cited significant pain in his chest and the left side of his body.

The man was subsequently covered with rescue blankets and tarps to remain warm while authorities decided how to proceed.

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Eventually, Lifeflight and Search and Rescue were called to aid in saving this man. The man’s location made it difficult for local law enforcement and paramedics to reach and tend to the man without trouble. Authorities say that the closest ambulances could get was nine miles from the crash site.

A Lifeflight crew landed safely on the nearby Ruckel Ridge as members of the union County search and rescue team prepared for their arrival. Along with snowmobilers on the scene, paramedics were brought to the snowmobiler to provide some immediate care and evacuate him safely.

Around 4:00 p.m., the man was finally flown to a nearby hospital in Walla Walla. His current condition wasn’t made clear by the Umatilla County Sherriff’s Office’s press release.

Amongst those named specifically in the press release’s ‘thank yous’ were Bob and Dottie Carrell of the Umatilla County Search and Rescue team. The Carrells used their own personal ATV’s to assist in the rescue and provided plenty of aid in the process.

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