Social media threat against Delta High School in Pasco leads to arrest

Pasco officers arrested one person for allegedly making threats against Delta High School.

Administrators were contacted and made aware of the threat around 10:30 p.m. Friday. Police were immediately notified.

Investigators arrested a suspect and determined there was no threat to the school. According to the Pasco School District, classes will operate normally on Monday.

It’s not known what specific threats were made or if the suspect is a juvenile.

” We want to thank the community member who reported the information to administrators, and to remind everyone that if you see or hear something that’ s concerning , please say something to school or district administrators, or report it to police, ” the Pasco School District said in a Facebook post. ” The safety of our students and staff members is our highest priority. ”

Police tell KAPP-KVEW the investigation is ongoing.