Social media threat prompts school closure

Mabton Police Department Picture
Mabton Police are investigating possible threats against the school district.

UPDATE: Mabton police say a juvenile has been expelled in connection with an incident that prompted the school district to close Wednesday.  School will be back in session Thursday, with extra police presence.

You can read KAPP-KVEW’s previous coverage of this story below: 

Mabton, WA – The Mabton school district says it will cancel school for April 27 because of threats received through Instagram.  Hours before that announcement, the district posted on Facebook that officials were informed of a possible threat in the community that prompted them to put Mabton Jr. Sr. High School and Artz Fox Elementary in what the district calls “secure and teach” mode.  Mabton Police posted two officers and the security officer at the school throughout the day as a safety precaution.

School officials are asking parents and students to contact either the district or Mabton Police Department with any information about the threats.

The district did not say how many threats it had gotten, or what they referenced. The Mabton Police Department posted on Facebook that someone posted a “vague message of possible harm to self or others” and they are still working to figure out who is behind that post.

Wednesday’s closure will be treated like a snow day, so students will have a make-up day at the end of the year. The school district says it is planning to share schedule details about that make-up day soon.