Solar Spirits asks for isopropyl alcohol donations for hand sanitizer

Solar Spirits Hand Sanitizer

RICHLAND, Wash. — During the coronavirus outbreak, local distillery Solar Spirits has channeled their creative energy into making hand sanitizer instead of specialty vodka, but they need the community’s help to continue.

Jim Batdorf, master distiller at Solar Spirits, sent out a letter to customers asking for isopropyl alcohol donations, one of their key ingredients. Batdorf said a recent order he made for 55 gallons was supposed to arrive earlier this week. It hadn’t as of Thursday, and the supplier couldn’t determine a delivery date.

Batdorf asked anyone with isopropyl on hand to trade it in for a bottle of the company’s hand sanitizer – made with 80% ethanol. One bottle of isopropyl can be used to make 25 bottles of hand sanitizer. The isopropyl must be 70%, new and unsealed.

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