Some Hermiston students returning to school part-time starting Monday

Certain programs identified for two hours of in-person learning per day
Hermiston schools getting remodeled thanks to passing of $82 million bond

HERMISTON, Ore. – The Hermiston School District announced Friday it will begin limited in-person instruction on October 19.

The plan is to bring some students back to classrooms at six of the district’s eight schools under state guidelines during Comprehensive Distance Learning.

Schools can offer limited in-person instruction based on educational, relational, curricular, instructional, and/or assessment needs, the district said in a news release, adding that this exception is “focused around specific district-wide instructional programs and students in need of personalized instruction that is difficult to teach remotely.”

The district listed students needing language instruction and students with specific disabilities as those who would be in class first.

The students identified for in-classroom learning are K-12 and their programs will be taught at Highland Hills Elementary School, Rocky Heights Elementary School, West Park Elementary School, both middle schools and the high school.

HSD outlined strict criteria for bringing students into school buildings next week:

  • A limited number of students
  • No more than two consecutive hours each day
    • 9-11 am Monday-Friday for elementary programs
    • 1-3 pm for middle and high school students
  • Cohorts of no more than 10 students have been created
  • Classroom/school building spaces are set up per physical distancing requirements
  • Participation by parents is optional

“Hermiston is coordinating with parents and families to arrange transportation, discuss instruction, and explain each site’s Safe School Return Plan. Training has and will continue to occur; it is planned for all HSD staff in these locations to ensure the state guidelines are followed,” the district announced.

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