Speed radar board placed near Kamiakin High School after complaint to Kennewick Police

The Traffic Unit at the Kennewick Police Department has placed a temporary speed radar board at a crosswalk near Kamiakin High School.

The reader board is set up on Edison Street next to the school’s football field. Police got a complaint about the area, so they made the decision to put up the radar board.

“Pedestrians can often times think it’s their right to cross the street directly in front of cars and the cars have to stop for them — that’s not the case,” said Lt. Aaron Clem with the Kennewick Police Department. “It is a place for them to cross, but you have to make sure that the cars stop first before you enter the roadway.”

The speed limit is 35 mph. This specific crosswalk doesn’t have flashing lights for pedestrians. One is placed going north and south on Edison street, just a few hundred feet away.

Once the reader board, one of two in the police department, is placed, it starts recording speeds in the area. Later, police take it away and the traffic unit goes through the data. They determine what the next step is for the intersection if any step is needed.

Police say it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep each other safe.

“Stop at the curb before entering a street, whether they’re at a crosswalk or not, whether they have walk signal or not,” Clem said. “They need to stop and look both ways before they cross the street just to make sure there’s a car that — if there’s a car coming that they are aware that they’re there, waiting to cross the street.”

For drivers, Clem said they need to pay attention to the road and yield to pedestrians.

KAPP-KVEW reached out to the City of Kennewick for comment on flashing signals at the crosswalk. We have not yet heard back.

If you have concerns about a specific intersection or a road in your neighborhood, call your local police department.