Spokane County deputies requesting help finding two attempted murder suspects

SPOKANE, Wash. — Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for anyone who can help locate two attempted murder suspects.

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office are looking for 38-year-old Nicholas Foss and 27-year-old Dustin Rounds, suspects in an attempted murder investigation.

Spokane Valley Deputies responded to reports of gunshots in the 900 block of North Calvin on Christmas Day. They arrived to find a bloodied man in someone’s home, who they quickly stabilized.

The victim explained to Deputies that he was meeting with someone from Craigslist to buy their iPhone, and when he got in their car, the man sped off and started stabbing and assaulting him. The victim said he was able to escape the car and ran away, hearing several gunshots.

Major Crimes Detectives became involved in the investigation, collecting the victim’s iPhone, a pouch with around $2,400, prescription pills, a key FOB and his jacket as evidence, along with a bloody knife found on the street near the incident.

A followup interview with the victim, he repeated his initial story, but eventually admitted he lied.

The victim said he met with three men to buy heroin, and brought a revolver with him, tucked in his waistband. He said when he first got in the car with the suspects, they grabbed him, pointed a gun at him and stabbed him. He later revised this, saying one of them grabbed his gun and struck him in the head with it. In the struggle, the gun went off but did not seem to injure anyone, though another suspect stabbed the victim.

He explained that he escaped the car, and the suspects shot at him but missed.

Major Crimes Detectives said that during the interview, the victim’s story changed and he became uncooperative. He said he did not want to pursue charges, and was later released from the hospital.

Detectives eventually identified the suspects as Foss, Rounds and 26-year-old Kody Scott – the latter of whom was taken into custody.

The three suspects are facing charges of first-degree attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery and assault. Currently, Foss and Rounds have not been arrested, and investigators are encouraging anyone with information on their whereabouts to call the Crime Stoppers tip line at 1-800-222-TIPS.