Spokane’s Anne McClain returns to Earth

Spokane’s Anne McClain returns to Earth
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Spokane native Anne McClain is back on Earth following a 204-day mission onboard the International Space Station.

The Gonzaga Prep graduate touched down in a Kazakhstan desert Monday at 7:47 pm Spokane time. The re-entry was watched by people all over the world and many in Spokane, including a close friend of McClain who has been emailing the astronaut throughout her mission.

“She’s just had the time of her life up there,” said Mo Ying-Clark, who used to play baseball with McClain. “Anne’s just so outgoing and loving and just humble.”

Even 250 miles above the Earth, the two have managed to keep in touch over the past 6 months.

“We email probably once or twice a week, even while she’s up there,” Clark said.

Clark watched anxiously as McClain undocked from the space station and fell to the Earth. She said McClain, who lives in Texas, has plans to visit family in Spokane this August. Clark said McClain’s mother traveled to Houston for her return.