Standoff at Prosser home ends with missing suspect

Man allegedly points shotgun at girlfriend, wanted for Assault Second Domestic Violence
Police cars crowd a dirt road near the standoff location.

UPDATE: According to Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher the couple was living together and in the process of separating. The man refused to go to the train station this morning and armed himself, threatened her, and she immediately left.

The suspect is from Salem, Ore. and in his 40s.

The incident started around 5 a.m. and authorities will continue to investigate and look for him.

PROSSER, Wash. — Early this morning, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic violence case near Hinzerling Road and Hanks Road.

The suspect allegedly drew a shotgun during an argument with a Prosser woman and law enforcement believed he had barricaded himself in her residence.

The Tri-Cities Regional SWAT team and officers from around the region assisted during the search. When SWAT breached the doors they didn’t find the man.

The suspect is from Salem, Ore. The police have not given any more information.

This is a developing story.