Starting next week, Pasco drivers flagged by red light cameras will be ticketed

Starting next week, Pasco drivers flagged by red light cameras will be ticketed

PASCO, Wash. — Starting Monday, Aug. 19, the City of Pasco will start issuing tickets for people caught running red lights by the city’s new electronic traffic control systems, also known as “red light cameras.”

The cameras were installed at two busy intersections back in April: Burden & Road 68 and Court & 20th Avenue.

This week, the city announced that it has worked out the final details of implementing the traffic control systems.

As Pasco’s population grows, the number of accidents caused by people running red lights has spiked, specifically at the intersections were the cameras were installed.

The cameras will capture a photo of anyone who runs a red light, and police will automatically be notified. A Pasco officer will then review the photo and determine if a violation has occurred.

Like any traffic stop, the officer will have full discretion to determine if the possible violation is valid and authorize a citation. The officer will look at several factors including the time of day, weather, number of vehicles in the area, pedestrians and any other factor that the officer feels is pertinent in making the decision.

If the officer determines there is no violation, the information is deleted.

“All revenues generated from the ETC program will be used only to cover program expenses and to help fund traffic safety improvements,” said City Manager Dave Zabell.

He said an increasing volume of traffic and a growing number of red light-related accidents makes the need for this solution all the more important in order to increase public safety.