State Supreme Court strikes down I-976 that would have cut car tab fees

Car Tab

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington Supreme Court struck down Initiative 976 on Thursday, nearly a year after statewide voters approved the car tab tax-cutting measure, the Seattle Times reports.

The court ruled the measure is unconstitutional because it “contains more than one subject, and its subject is not accurately expressed in its title.”

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Longtime anti-tax activist Tim Eyman sponsored I-976, which passed with about 53% of the vote statewide. Soon after, Seattle, King County and others sued, arguing the measure violated the state Constitution by involving more than one subject and misleading voters.

The initiative would have reduced car tab fees to $30. State and local governments use car tab fees to fund road and transit projects.

According to the Washington Office of Financial Management, if I-976 went into effect, the state could lose nearly $1.9 billion in revenues by 2025.