State tracking shows wide range of COVID-19 testing across Washington

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OLYMPIA, Wash – As medical experts and state leaders look for ways to reopen states and restart economies, the one thing most agree on: there needs to be more testing to truly understand the presence of COVID-19 in our communities. Data reported on the Washington Department of Health website shows a wide range in testing across the state.

According to the DOH, 128,900 tests have been conducted in Washington as of Thursday afternoon. 8.7% of those have been positive.

Testing depends largely on population. For example, more than 32,000 tests have been conducted in King County. In Garfield County in far southeastern Washington, only 14 people have been tested.

The state is also tracking percentage of positive cases, looking for hot spots and other information. However, in some counties where not as much testing is available, only those with severe symptoms have been tested, so the percentage of positives is high. Yakima County, which has 667 cases, has a positive rate of 17.8%.

In Spokane County, where there have been 288 confirmed cases, 6,699 tests have been performed with a positive rate well under the state average at 4.2%

You can see all the data for each county, as well as demographics of people with confirmed cases, at this link.

Idaho is tracking county data as well, but not all labs are required to send results to the state. Idaho also tracks probable cases. You can see Idaho data and tables at this link.