Stray voltage kills dog walking on downtown Spokane sidewalk

Stray voltage kills dog walking on downtown Spokane sidewalk

A Spokane man is warning other dog owners and businesses about the dangers of aging heated sidewalk infrastructure after a stray voltage killed his dog this week.

Zach Harper said he and his dog Hank were on their daily walk near 1st and Wall Street when his dog Hank had “an odd reaction.”

“He pretty much froze, froze in the sense of legs locked up, froze, and he immediately started letting out an unusal scream,” Harper said.

The incident happened outside the entrance of the Washington Trust Bank parking garage, where the pavement is heated.

Harper said the building manager for Washington Trust was one of the first people there to try and help him. He even helped Harper do CPR on Hank.

Since Hank’s death, Washington Trust Bank issued a statement to KXLY that said “it appears the death was caused by stray voltage.”

Stray voltage kills dog walking on downtown Spokane sidewalk

The bank went on to note that all electricity has been turned off outside the building and they did more tests to make sure the area was safe.

The statement said “after we determine the cause we will then determine what next steps are to assure something like this never occurs again.”

That’s something Harper is pushing for now, from this business and others across the region.

“I encourage anyone, whether you’re a business owner or part of a construction company or you are the one doing the inspection on this sidewalk for the technology, to make sure you actually do that. Inspect it. Update it. Make sure it’s maintained,” Harper said.

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