Stuck at home? Now could be a good time to foster an animal from the Tri-Cities shelter

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PASCO. Wash – In less than a month, there will be a lot of newborn kittens at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.

The shelter is hoping people quarantined at home will take this time to foster a kitten.

“We’ve been seeing some cats come in pregnant so the kittens are coming,” said Deb Sporcich, director of the shelter.

According to Sporcich, It’s normal to see an influx of kittens during spring time.

What is different this year is that many more people will be forced to stay at home due to being out of work or school because of coronavirus concerns.

“When the stray kittens come in and their too young to be altered, we’ll be looking for foster homes. Because those kittens need a safe space to put on weight, to grow up, to socialize until they get to two pounds, then we can spay and neuter and get them adopted.”

Those interested in being a foster parent can visit their website.