Students and staff at WSU Tri-Cities participate in Active Shooter Training

Just like for fires and tornadoes, students and staff at WSU of Tri-Cities are now preparing for what to do if a shooter is reported on their campus.

Washington State University’s Assistant Police Chief Steve Hensen led the training presenting a graphic yet informational video on how to survive if a shooter is reported on your campus.

“I’m not going to be graphic with my words, but i’m going to be blunt,” said Hensen.

Hensen said the three things people can do is run to a safe place. If that’s not possible, hide. The last resort is to grab an object that can be used to attack the shooter.

WSU Tri-Cities Junior Dani Young now has a better understanding on what to do in the hostile situation, but still had mixed emotions about why something like this is necessary.

“It kinda makes me feel sick a little bit thinking that this is something we have to prepare for,” said Young. “This is something that’s been happening over the last 10-15 years.”

After the presentation, officers took students across campus to different rooms to show areas on where they could possibly hide or grab a weapon to attack a shooter.

The school’s website also has a page on what to do when an active shooter is on their campus.