Students sent home with weight loss leaflets

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A weight loss company has apologized to a Northern Ireland school after students were sent home with a leaflet about how being slim brings happiness.

Tonagh Primary in Lisburn gave students flyers advertising Slimming World in their homework folders, BBC reported. A company spokesperson apologized for the move.

“These leaflets were intended for parents, not the children of Tonagh Primary School,” the spokesperson told BBC. “We don’t advise that our consultants promote their groups in this way, and following this feedback, we’ll be offering further guidance on the best ways to share information about their groups that cause least offense.”

A mother told the Ulster Star newspaper that she was unhappy with the message, though the school’s principal said it was “not our intention to cause any offense to parents or children of this school,” the BBC reported.

“Kids, and especially younger girls, see how women are judged by their size every day,” said the mother, who asked not to be identified, the BBC reported. “Primary school children who are learning to read shouldn’t be given promotional advertising suggesting happy lives are for slim people.”