Surgeons remove hundreds of nails, coins from man’s stomach

A 35-year-old Indian man who complained of abdominal pains had 263 coins, 100 nails, dozens of shaving blades, stones and other materials removed from his stomach, according to The Independent.

Maksud Khan arrived to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Satna Madhya Pradesh citing food poisoning. When doctors performed an endoscopy, they were shocked to find more than 15 pounds worth of foreign objects, which they immediately removed.

It is believed Khan suffers from mental health issues.

“This man looks mentally unstable as no sane person would something like this,” Dr. Priyank Sharma said.

Khan had apparently been complaining of stomach pain for three months when he finally went to see a doctor. Relatives say that his recent bout with depression may have led to his strange eating habits.