Suspect fires shot during robbery at Pasco car wash

UPDATE – Sergeant Rigo Pruneda confirmed there are two suspects and they are described as being in their late teens or early 20’s. One of them had a gun.

PASCO, Wash. – A shot was fired during an armed robbery at a Pasco car wash on Sunday night.

According to the Pasco Police Department, the people involved were meeting up at Works Wash car wash on B Street to sell an item that had been advertised online.

That’s where, according to Sergeant Rigo Pruneda, a warning shot was allegedly fired by one of two suspects and money was taken. No one was injured.

The suspects then fled the scene and have not yet been arrested.

Anyone with more information on the suspect or suspects should contact the Pasco Police Department.

Police officers urge residents to use their station as a safer place to buy and sell items.