2 in custody for shooting out 85 windows with BB gun at Southridge High, nearby homes

UPDATE: Two 16-year-old boys are in custody for using a BB gun to shoot out windows at Southridge High and several nearby homes, Kennewick police confirmed. They were arrested on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Lt. Clem, 65 windows were shot out at the high school and 20 homes were also hit — totaling 85 windows. Police were able to get a vague description of the vehicle possibly involved.

After the arrest, the vehicle they were in at the time appeared to match the one in surveillance video. Both of the teens were booked into the juvenile justice center for first-degree malicious mischief.

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Kennewick police say someone used a BB gun to shoot out sixty-five windows at Southridge High School over Christmas break and on Monday night.

A BB gun was also used to damage windows of homes in the neighborhoods surrounding the area, according to Lieutenant Aaron Clem. At least 20 homes were targeted in the south Kennewick and Canyon Lakes area.

Lt. Clem says the department is working on gathering information on a suspect or suspects. We will update this article when that information becomes available.

Anyone with information should notify the Kennewick Police Department.