UPDATE: Man shot at Walmart parking lot in East Yakima dies in the hospital after two and a half weeks


UPDATE on Jan. 25, 2022: Yakima police announced that the Toppenish man who was shot outside of Walmart in early January of 2022 has died from the injuries he suffered in the altercation.

YPD has identified the victim as Jordan A. Besel. He passed away at a hospital in Seattle on January 24. His death has been deemed a homicide and authorities are determining whether to apply charges to the shooter.

UPDATE: Medics at the scene of a shooting at the Walmart in East Yakima managed to save a 31-year-old Toppenish man from dying on Thursday night.

KAPP KVEW’s Emily Goodell spoke to YPD Chief Jay Seely about the incident, which was phoned in at 4:30 p.m. on January 6. The victim was shot twice: once in the neck and once in the chest.

“It just so happened that an AMR ambulance crew was in the parking lot on break,” Cpt. Seely said. “They heard the shooting and they went to the victim to render aid and by the time they got there, he had stopped breathing and so they were rendering first aid CPR when the officers arrived.”

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He was transported to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, where his heart was restarted. Authorities say that he was intubated in critical condition ahead of emergency surgery.

Meanwhile, the suspect remained at the scene of the shooting and cooperated with Yakima Police officers. There were also two witnesses inside of the car who are helping with the YPD investigation.

“It appears that this is some type of robbery, Seely confirmed. “Maybe there’s some drugs involved—we found some what looks like drugs at the scene. It doesn’t appear to be gang-related at all.”

Authorities have reason to believe the victim entered the suspect’s car on separate occasions in the Walmart parking lot.

Seely says that the suspect had a firearm in his car and the victim had a firearm on his body.

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YAKIMA, Wash. — A suspect accused of shooting someone at the Walmart location in East Yakima has turned himself in to local police officers.

According to a social media alert from the Yakima Police Department, officers responded to the Walmart location on the 1600-block of E Chestnut Ave in Yakima on Thursday evening.

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Authorities have asked that community members steer clear of Walmart as they investigate the incident.

Just under an hour later, Yakima police officers offered an update. The male suspect turned himself in to local authorities, and the victim of this shooting is still alive.

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However, YPD officers also confirmed that the victim is in critical condition. No further information regarding their status is available at this time.

Through the early phases of their investigation, Yakima police do not have substantial evidence to believe this was a gang-related incident.

This is a developing news story. An update and/or follow-up may be issued if further details are revealed by police investigators.


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