SWAT team called to building in Pasco

Tri-Cities Regional Special Weapons and Tactics Team and Pasco Police assisted Benton County Sheriff’s Office carry out an investigation Monday night at 403 W. Columbia Street in Pasco. Officials said the building has been an ongoing problem, with complaints of people breaking in and living inside.

Pasco Police secured the surrounding area while the SWAT team ensured the building was safe to enter. Officials do not believe there was anyone inside the building at the time.

SWAT team called to building in Pasco

Benton County Sheriff’s Office had a search warrant to enter the property, though no details of the investigation have been released. Pasco Police Sergeant Scott Warren said SWAT was utilized in this situation due to possible dangers determined by the law enforcement agencies.

“Its downtown, it’s a little more populated… certain things come into play in an effort to keep everybody safe and make sure our officers go home, said Warren. “At this particular search warrant it was decided to use SWAT. “

No injuries were reported and no shots were fired.