911 calls

Oregon bill cracks down on racially motivated 911 calls

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - Oregon moved to crack down on racially motivated 911 calls on Monday, responding to a series of publicized incidents across the country where predominantly white civilians called the police on black people going about everyday activities like napping or barbecuing. Victims of those police calls would be able to sue the caller for up to $250, under a measure overwhelmingly approved by state Senate.

Las Vegas massacre 911 calls give glimpse of panic

In one of the first 911 calls after the shooting began at the Route 91 Harvest festival last year, a woman plaintively screams in the background as an operator tries to get her to give her location and what kind of emergency is happening.

Public meeting held to discuss adding EMS levy to August ballot

Benton County Fire District #1 has been wanting to add two new ambulances to their fleet and it looks like the wait might be over. They are holding a public meeting tonight to discuss a potential levy that would pay for them.

Ridiculous 911 calls

Have you ever considered calling 911 because of a massive spider in your house? How about because a McDonald's employee got your order wrong? Take a look at some of the strangest reasons people have called 911.