Drones responding to 911 calls in this California city

A woman in a car was ramming a man on a motorcycle, chasing him down the streets of Chula Vista, California. A police drone flew after them, broadcasting a live video feed to officers' smartphones.

Maryland football player died from heat stroke

More than an hour passed before a University of Maryland football trainer called 911 after a player, who later died, first showed symptoms of heatstroke, states an independent report issued Friday.

Victim says LeSean McCoy set her up in 911 call

A woman who was beaten during a home invasion at the Georgia home of NFL star LeSean McCoy told a police operator she thinks her ex-boyfriend "set me up," according to a 911 call released by police Thursday.

iPhones will share your exact location with 911

Your smartphone knows your location well enough to send a car to where you're standing in a busy city, map a morning run through the woods, or navigate inside an airport.

Woman calls 911 for beer

A woman who called 911 alleging a medical emergency was arrested after she asked first responders for beer.

Police calls reveal frantic search for Florida gunman

For 78 minutes, from the time the first 911 call came in to the arrest, officers frantically searched for Nikolas Cruz after he fatally shot 17 people Wednesday at his former high school in Parkland, Florida.