Barr: Avalanche of subpoenas designed to ‘incapacitate the executive'

Attorney General William Barr trashed the so-called resistance movement and mocked Senate Democrats -- as well as the Oscar-nominated movie "Vice" -- in a marathon speech Friday evening that affirmed his credentials as a staunch defender of p

Barr concerned about low morale among LGBTQ employees at DOJ

Attorney General William Barr is concerned by reports of low morale among LGBTQ Justice Department employees and has directed the FBI to investigate allegations of discrimination, he wrote in a letter to the department's Pride group.

The release of the Mueller report is coming. How redacted will it be?

Special counsel Robert Mueller's almost 400-page findings and analysis of Russian interference in the 2016 election and alleged obstruction of justice by the President may have, as members of Congress fear, heavy redactions.

Who is William Barr?

Attorney General William Barr, about a month after starting his second stint atop the Justice Department, issued a letter to lawmakers Sunday offering his summary of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

GOP Sen. Bob Corker to Trump: Stop 'whining' about Sessions

Senate Republicans sharply pushed back on President Donald Trump's reported demeaning comments about Attorney General Jeff Sessions, with one top GOP senator comparing the President's tirades to a "whining" teenager.