Farmers skeptical of Trump's $50 billion China promise

President Donald Trump says the Chinese will buy $50 billion worth of farm products as part of a phase one deal struck last week, but that would mean China would have to double the amount it bought from US farmers before the trade war started.

Details of interim US-China trade deal remain unknown

After a year-and-half of fraught negotiations that has slowed global growth and hurt American farmers and consumers, the United States and China have reached an interim trade deal bypassing an economic calamity -- for now.

Octopus catches bald eagle in death grip

A team of salmon farmers are feeling pretty proud after they were able to rescue a bald eagle from an octopus off the northwest tip of Canada's Vancouver Island.

World must reach 'peak meat' by 2030

The world needs to reach "peak meat" within the next 10 years to combat the effects of climate change, scientists have warned.

How AI is helping spot wildfires faster

As wildfire season raged in California this fall, a startup a few states away used artificial intelligence to pinpoint the location of blazes there within minutes — in some cases far faster than these fires might otherwise be noticed by firefighters or civilians.

With manufacturing slowing down, Trump ratchets up trade wars

President Donald Trump has escalated trade tensions across the globe by imposing tariffs on foreign steel, threatening tariffs on allies like the European Union and engaging in a tit-for-tat trade war with China that has hurt American farmers.

Perfect storm fuels New Delhi's deadly pollution

A potent combination of pollutants, agricultural practices, weather conditions, and geography has shrouded India's capital in a toxic, throat-searing cloud of brown smog.

Fact-checking Trump's California wildfire criticism

As wildfires swept across California, President Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday to criticize the state's Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, for the way his administration has handled the crises.