Navy launches investigation into controversial hand gesture

The US Military and Naval academies on Sunday launched internal investigations after cadets and midshipmen were captured on ESPN's pre-game show for the Army-Navy game making a hand gesture that some are interpreting as white nationalist and others are interpreting as innocent.

Army veteran finds lost uniform hanging in antique shop

Moving from one side of Bakersfield, California, to the other shouldn't cause too much of a headache, but when Xenos and Angelica Lopez did, one very important piece of clothing went missing. Three years later, they found Xenos' army greens -- medals and all -- hanging in an antique shop.

Army bugler's trumpet stolen from truck

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. (WISC-TV) -- A Sun Prairie man who plays trumpet for the Army is asking for his instrument back after it was stolen on Veterans Day.This past weekend, Staff Sgt. Matthew Miller was in Milwaukee for the Army.…

GM's super-quiet, super-cool military 4X4

When an enemy is looking for you, especially an enemy with night vision technology, you want to keep cool and quiet. That's why General Motors and the United States Army developed the hydrogen-powered Chevrolet ZH2 off-road truck.