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Oregon assault weapons ban petitioners turn in signatures

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - Petitioners for an initiative that would restrict the sale of assault weapons in Oregon have submitted some of the signatures necessary to make the November ballot.If the batch submitted Monday in Salem includes at least 1,000 valid signatures, the attorney general will begin the ballot title drafting process. Petitioners must ultimately submit 88,184 signatures by July 6.

Trump moves closer to banning bump fire stocks

President Donald Trump announced on Friday that his administration will issue a new rule banning bump fire stocks, a gun accessory that makes it easier to fire rounds quickly from a semi-automatic weapon, mimicking automatic fire.

Rep. Scalise, who was shot last summer, meets with Parkland students

Rep. Steve Scalise, the number three House Republican leader, who was seriously wounded by a gunman targeting a GOP congressional baseball team practice last summer, met with high school students from Parkland, Florida, on Monday afternoon to share their experiences and talk about coping after being attacked.