4 major automakers cutting emissions as US rolls back rules

Four of the world's largest carmakers -— Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and BMW — are going forward with plans to make more fuel-efficient vehicles for the U.S. market, despite the Trump administration's plans to roll back the rules.

Mini Cooper goes electric

After years of experimental models and concept cars, BMW unveiled a fully electric Mini Cooper that you will be able to buy.

10 most dire warnings from business on Brexit

Weeks after the Brexit vote in June 2016, Japan urged the United Kingdom to negotiate its EU divorce quickly and transparently to protect business.

2019 will be the year of the electric luxury car

For the all-electric luxury car and SUV market, this year's release of the Jaguar I-Pace was just the beginning. Starting next year and continuing in 2020, Jaguar will start getting competition from brands like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche. Tesla will also be raising the competitive bar even further.

BMW hit by $10 million fine in South Korea

South Korea's government is fining BMW $10 million over its handling of a spate of engine fires in the country — and the automaker's problems don't end there.

BMW unveils its vision for self-driving electric car

BMW has unveiled its vision for a self-driving electric crossover SUV and, if it actually ends up being a lot like the concept version, it should be a pretty cozy place to hang out.

Mercedes-Benz reveals its first all-electric SUV

Mercedes-Benz revealed its first fully electric SUV in Stockholm Tuesday, another in a small rush of all-electric luxury vehicles expected to hit the market in the next couple of years.

Mercedes-Benz is trying to get cheap luxury cars right

Mercedes-Benz introduced the A-Class sedan, its newest entry-level luxury car for the American market Wednesday night. Prices will start below $35,000, making it Mercedes' least expensive model in the US.