bottled water

Newark, NJ, hands out bottled water

Officials in New Jersey's largest city began offering bottled water Monday to residents who may have been drinking tap water contaminated with lead for months or possibly years.

Disposable plastic water bottles banned from San Francisco airport

Gone are the days of buying a last-minute pre-flight plastic bottle of water at San Francisco International Airport. If you want to hydrate, you'll either have to bring your own reusable bottle or prepare to buy an airport-approved glass or aluminum water bottle.

Drink bottled water? You ingest microplastic particles

Studies show humans consume tens of thousands of tiny, little pieces of plastic each year known as microplastics. But if you're drinking water primarily from plastic water bottles, that number increases significantly.

Bottled water maker pledges to use recycled plastic

Poland Spring water that is still and under one gallon will be sold in recycled plastic bottles by 2022, Nestlé Waters North America shared on Monday.

FDA proposes new fluoride standard for bottled water

The US Food and Drug Administration is proposing a lower concentration level standard for fluoride in bottled water, yet some scientists and environmental groups believe that the proposed limit is still too high and poses a danger to human health.