The ultimate luxury spa guide to Budapest

Although Budapest's stunning architecture and unique tourist attractions are world renowned, many travelers flock here to sample therapeutic waters from the 118 natural thermal springs that flow through the

The secrets and symbols of Hungary's Parliament building

Striking an imposing and impressive figure on the edge of the River Danube in the heart of Budapest, Hungary's Parliament building is one of the finest examples of Gothic Revival and Renaissance Revival architecture in the world today.

6 of the best concert halls in Budapest

Budapest has proved a first-class sanctuary for music aficionados throughout the years, drawing some of the finest musicians from around the world.

Hungary's 'slave law' passes, sparking protests

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Wednesday showed no signs of heeding US and European Union warnings to rein in his "illiberal state," instead introducing new laws that critics say will tighten his grip on power.

Danube escape: Budapest's Margaret Island

Floating regally in the middle of the Danube separating Buda from Pest, Margaret Island, or Margitsziget, is one of the jewels in Budapest's crown.