climate change

Energy stocks biggest losers of 2019 and decade

The shale revolution of the 2010s catapulted the United States to the top of the global energy food chain. Yet the view from the top has been awfully lonely for investors.

2019 had three of the warmest months on record

No, it wasn't your imagination. 2019 was a historically warm year. During the summer, dozens of cities in the US sweltered under record-high temperatures and waited out historically long hot streaks.

COP25 ends quietly on watered-down deal

The message from climate activists was passionate, the warning from the scientific community and countries already experiencing the effects of climate change, urgent. The action from world powers has been excruciatingly slow and inadequate.

Hear from victims of Africa's drought

Torrents of water once thundered over the precipice at Victoria Falls, on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, shrouding the area in mist.

Vegan sneakers set to be next plant-based craze in 2020

Eco-friendly meatless food products shook up the fast food industry in 2019. Experts say next year's game-changing trend in sustainable consumer goods may be plant-based -- or "vegan" -- athletic shoes.

Trump mocks Greta Thunberg after her Time honor

President Donald Trump on Thursday again publicly mocked teen climate crisis activist Greta Thunberg, tweeting that the 16-year-old Swede who has inspired protesters worldwide has "anger management" issues.

World must reach 'peak meat' by 2030

The world needs to reach "peak meat" within the next 10 years to combat the effects of climate change, scientists have warned.

Court clears ExxonMobil in climate change case

A New York judge Tuesday ruled that ExxonMobil did not mislead investors about how it accounted for the cost of climate change regulations.

Without Trump, US leaders go it alone on climate change

President Donald Trump's move to begin pulling out of the Paris Agreement last month signaled to world leaders that the US government is stepping away from the global push to stop the climate crisis.

India's tech cities are choking on their success

Like thousands of others, Megha Mathur moved to the Indian city of Gurgaon for a coveted job in tech. She soon realized she wouldn't be able to live there very long. The pollution was so bad she had to check an air quality app on her phone several times a day to see whether it was safe to go outside without a mask.

Massive waterfall formed on Greenland's ice sheet

What may have been the world's tallest waterfall briefly formed on Greenland's ice sheet last year, draining a meltwater lake of 5 million cubic meters of water -- equivalent to 2,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools -- in just five hours.