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Takeaways from busy day in courts on impeachment inquiry

Two major court actions in Washington, DC, Monday evening added fuel to the fire for the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry and the ongoing fight over the White House's attempt to shield President Donald Trump's advisers and financial documents from going public.

Federal judge says McGahn must speak to House

A federal judge decided Monday that President Donald Trump's former White House counsel Don McGahn must testify to the House of Representatives in its impeachment probe, marking the first major ruling about House witness testimony during the Trump administration.

House withdraws subpoena for Charles Kupperman

The House of Representatives says it no longer needs to subpoena former deputy national security adviser Charles Kupperman for his testimony, another sign that Democrats don't want or feel they need a prolonged battle to gather more details in their impeachment probe.

Court hearings could set tone for impeachment inquiry

Two federal judges in a Washington courthouse that stands between the U.S. Capitol and the White House will consider on Thursday afternoon whether they can force witnesses close to President Donald Trump to testify in the House's impeachment inquiry.

House Democrats file suit to force Don McGahn to testify

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday filed suit to compel former White House counsel Don McGahn's testimony, arguing that the committee needs to hear from him to determine whether it should consider articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

House Democrats escalate impeachment fight

The House Judiciary Committee on Friday is moving to obtain the secret grand jury material from special counsel Robert Mueller's report in federal court, arguing they need the information in order to decide whether to impeach President Donald Trump.

WH directs former aide not to answer more than 200 Dem questions

Former Deputy White House Counsel Annie Donaldson did not answer more than 200 questions from House Judiciary Committee Democrats under direction from the White House, in another case that's likely to be part of the looming court fight between congressional Democrats and the White House over executive privilege and special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

Nadler: DOJ, Dems strike deal over Mueller report evidence

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said Monday that he has struck a deal with the Justice Department to begin providing Congress with some documents from the Mueller report related to obstruction of justice, putting off a looming court showdown between House Democrats and Justice ov

Full House expected to vote June 11 on AG contempt

The full House of Representatives is expected to vote on June 11 to hold Attorney General William Barr and former White House counsel Don McGahn in contempt of Congress, even as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to reject calls to go further and impeach President Donald Trump.

Nadler pushes for empowering committee chairs on contempt

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is pushing to empower committee chairs to hold individuals in contempt of Congress without going to the floor for a full House vote, a move that could expedite Democrats' ability to punish anyone who defies their subpoenas but also risk further escalating tensions between congressional Democrats and the White House.